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Explore the incredible world of fascia and quantum biology.

Fascia is far from the unnecessary and passive structure that medicine has thought it was. New research shows how vital and powerful our fascial system is.


Our fascia is a liquid crystal matrix that spans the body allowing for almost instantaneous communication and the energy to power biological action.



Join Dr. Catherine Clinton


Quantum Fascia Masterclass

Gain practical information and takeaways
to improve health and the health of your patients

A special invitation to open a window
to a whole new perspective


Join us for this 150-minute class
and Q&A as we learn:

  • The quantum biology of fascia from its liquid crystal capacity to its semiconductive charge, we'll cover the whole spectrum.
  • Explore the form and function of fascia and it relates to sound
  • Learn ways to support fascia- nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and flow.
  • Review recent research into fascia, inflammation and cancer
  • Explore the connection between ancient medicine and quantum fascia
  • Investigate the relationship between fascia and structured water
  • Explore the connection between mitochondria and fascia
  • Learn how the fascia interacts with the immune system
  • Gain practical information and takeaways to improve health and the health of your patients

Meet Dr. Catherine Clinton

Author | Educator

Dr. Catherine Clinton, a licensed naturopathic physician, has spent over 16 years helping people overcome their health issues. Diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions and Lyme disease while in medical school, she began the long and difficult journey of healing- a path that led to the commitment to help others to not only heal physically but to return to the relationships we evolved over millennia with for a deeper sense of health and belonging.

By healing herself and patients like her, she discovered that true health comes from our relationships. Dr Catherine has learned how our quantum biological system is intimately and inseparably connected to the world around us. Our relationship with the dirt beneath our feet, the sun, the wind, the water, the plants, the seasons, each other- that is the real medicine.

Her mission is to empower as many people as she can with this knowledge to encourage the paradigm shift, we so desperately need.

Dr. Catherine Clinton

What students have to say about the course...


Thanks again for all this, you are INCREDIBLE!!!! Sending all the love and gratitude.


Thank you so much. This is mind blowing information. Thank you so much Catherine. I am your number one student and fan of your work. Am so grateful for this student platform so I can continue to learn from you.


Your passion, kindness and conviction is truly one of a kind! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!


I use fascia release techniques in my reflexology and your course really inpsired me to understand the fascia on a deeper level.

Quantum Fascia Masterclass


valued at $299

  • 150-minute¬†live masterclass¬†
  • 30-minute Q&A with Dr. Catherine Clinton
  • Downloadable Fascia Guide
  • Resource List
  • A recording of the live event will be available in your Student Account within 48-hours
  • Receive a fascial lymphatic nervous system flow

Need Continuing Education Units?

This course is Certified with the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and offers 3 hours of continuing education units. Many licensing boards approve AANP-certified CEUs, be sure to check with yours!


*** This course is for educational purposes only. This offering is an education tool. Always check with your physician or other health care professional before starting any protocols, programs, regimens or routines suggested, recommended, or discussed in this course. The program is designed for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. ***

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