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2024 Featured Courses

Quantum Biology Training Program

A 6-Month Immersive Quantum Biological Approach to Healing: a Program for Health Practitioners, Health Enthusiasts, Therapists, and Retreat and Wellness Facilitator.

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Quantum Biology of Trauma Online Course & Live Q&A

The Quantum Biology of Trauma course with Dr. Catherine Clinton gives you the tools to move from worry and overwhelm to resilience and connection.

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Unlocking Your Quantum Biology Online Course & Live Q&A

Unlock your quantum biology for more resilience, better health and a deeper connection with the world around us. Gain a deeper understanding of the quantum nature within our bodies for a deeper understanding of your health, your family's health and the health of your patients. 

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On-Demand Courses

Quantum Sound Masterclass

Join Dr. Catherine Clinton for a completely new way to think about sound. In this 90-minute masterclass, we'll dive into the research surrounding sound, light, and health.

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Quantum FasciaĀ Masterclass

Join Dr. Catherine Clinton for a deep dive into the most underrated yet powerful system in our bodies. The Quantum Fascia Masterclass will help you understand your fascia, and will give you the tools to support it.

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Structured Water Masterclass

The science behind this new phase of water and how it impacts our health. Learn what structured water is, how to use it and how to support the structured water within us. This class will focus on free, accessible ways to access this new phase of water for the health of ourselves and the planet we live on. Tending to the structured water within is one of the powerful medicines I offer my patients, I can't wait to share with you!Ā 

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Into the Depths Water Workshop

Join Dr. Catherine Clinton and Veda Austin for a 3-hour extensive exploration Into the Depths Water Workshop. This exploration into the lesser known ideas and mysteries of water is a fundraiser for the Water Conference with 100% of proceeds donated to the upcoming conference in October.

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Quantum Biology Wellness Summit

Quantum Biology Wellness Summit 2022 Recordings

An exploration into the underpinnings of a new paradigm in science and medicine. There is a growing consciousness that acknowledges our Newtonian biology is powered by a vast ocean of quantum biology. Ideas like quantum coherence, circadian medicine, our intercellular structured water and the biofield of energy that surrounds us open a window into our inseparable interconnection with the world around us.Ā 

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Quantum Biology Wellness Summit 2023 Recordings

Join world-renowned scientists, doctors and healers as we travel through this new perspective leading back to the ancient wisdom that modern science has overlooked.

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