Giving Back

Giving Back!

I feel truly blessed to give back. I came from a modest upbringing but my father gave 10 percent of his paycheck to the local food bank. It is an honor to give back in the same tradition.

Research into water, light, biofield therapies, heart coherence and other alternative approaches to healing are woefully under funded. Research in these areas usually do not receive funding from traditional channels. I feel indebted to the researchers who pursue these avenues because they open up a completely new approach and understanding of health and healing.

Below you will find past and current fundraising projects:

2023- John Stuart Reid - John Stuart Reid is an acoustic physicist. He is the inventor of the Cymascope. We supported his upcoming research trip to the great pyramid of Giza to investigate water, sound and light. We raised over $12,000 to support his efforts.

2024- Water Conference 2024, on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water. This conference gathers bold scientists, daring entrepreneurs, and curious individuals coming together to further our frontier of understanding on water. In a collaborative fundraiser with Veda Austin and Robert Edward Grant, we raised $10,000 for the annual Water Conference. After the 2023 Water Conference was canceled, this money allowed them to secure a location for the 2024 Water Conference to continue.

2024 Current- Consciousness and Healing Initiative: The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) which is a nonprofit collaborative of scientists, healing and health practitioners, educators, and artists, who work together to place healing in the center of healthcare, and self-care.

CHI recognizes that scientific inquiry into the nature of consciousness and its role in healing requires a highly rigorous, interdisciplinary approach. Our collaborative is comprised of highly respected, rigorous scientists and educators who are well-placed across universities and institutions in the US and abroad, as well as seasoned practitioners and innovators who welcome unbiased, rigorous inquiry and research on their methods. As part of this, CHI welcomes and supports creative, frontier thinking. We understand that creativity, combined with rigor, seeds high innovation and scientific breakthroughs.

Dr. Catherine Clinton