Recommended Products to Support Your Health.


People are constantly asking me for recommendations on products to support their health. So I’ve compiled a listing some of which include affiliate links.

The profits made through these affiliate links, I plan to donate to different research projects and causes.

Presently, I am supporting John Stuart Reid’s research trip to the Pyramids of Egypt. The research he will be conducting is on sound, light and water memory in hopes of validating homeopathy. Research like this is not funded through traditional channels so I'd love to help support it.

Here, you will find the products that I rely on myself for my wellness.

Dr. Catherine Clinton


Ra Optics has created the world's first and only premium Sleep Glasses. They also created a superior alternative to traditional computer glasses, called Screen Lenses, which block 30x more harmful blue light from LED's than most clear computer lenses available today.

Their lenses have been designed and developed with the world's leading experts on light-protective technology, and utilize the world’s most advanced, proprietary blue light-absorbing pigment technology.

Their frames are designed with keen attention to detail and handcrafted using the world’s highest quality materials—Italian Acetate and German-Engineered Metal—into a variety of trending and timeless styles. There is a frame for everyone!

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My colleague, Dr. Christine Schaffner, has developed a wonderful line of supplements at IpothecarySomnium, a topical GABA cream, is one of my go tos for slowing the mind and getting a restful sleep. Lymph Flow is another wonderful topical to aid in lymph flow and drainage. The liposomal gemmo products for the spleen, gallbladder and lymph are beautifully botanical blends crafted from the young shoots and buds of plants.



My favorite thing is to walk barefoot on the grass, the sand, the soil, anywhere I can place my toes and soak up the medicine. When I do wear shoes I try to make sure they are designed to allow for similar grounding and benefits of bare feet. Here are my favorite brands:

These shoes come in a variety of designs and can be used to exercise in comfortably. 

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These handcrafted shoes are a beautiful way to ground while still wearing shoes. Using leather and all-natural materials, these shoes are made to order.


In summertime when I need a little protection I use Earthrunner shoes. They take a little bit of adjusting to get the fit right but I've been wearing them for years..



I love using quality herbs, spices and teas in my daily routine. It's a wonderful way to get my nutrients, polyphenols and phytochemicals in. I also love using tea to structure water via infusions, steeps and sun teas. Hands down Mountain Rose Herbs is my go to source for safe, quality bulk herbs.