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Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author of 'PHILOMATH' and 'POLYMATH'


Robert Edward Grant is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author of PHILOMATH, author of new release POLYMATH & author of pre-release Neuromined, inventor, founder of several corporate enterprises, and the host of ‘Code X’, an original television series on Gaia and Amazon Prime. He is an artist, sculptor, music theorist, musician, and author of numerous research and patent publications spanning biology, DNA combinatorics, number theory, geometry, and physics.

Additionally, he is the former President of Allergan Medical and CEO of Bausch and Lomb Surgical, both multibillion dollar global healthcare corporations. As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of Strathspey Crown LLC, Evolus Inc., AEON BioPharma Inc., ALPHAEON Credit Inc., AccessElite Corp, CEYEBER Corp, Crown Sterling Limited LLC, and Theon Technology LLC. His companies, like his interests, span healthcare, security, blockchain, cleantech, smart optic technologies, AR/VR and fintech. He occupied several boards of directors of several corporations and universities.

He has lived in nine countries and fluently speaks Japanese, Korean, German and French. Robert’s mission is to integrate innovation, mathematics, natural sciences, artistic design & entrepreneurship into balanced creations intended to benefit all. .

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Are advances in technology working for us or against us?

When our phones become our keys to access everything, will our lives be more convenient or more at the mercy of whoever can hack into our devices? Will self-driving cars help us maximize our time and get to our destination safely, or will they erode the autonomy and freedom we feel when we drive ourselves? What happens if the government, in the name of public health, gains access to the data in our handy fitness trackers and uses it to reward or limit us? In Neuromined, data sovereignty advocate Robert Edward Grant and prolific technology author Michael Ashley team up to explore significant questions such as these. Each chapter imagines a near-future surveillance dystopia through a riveting fictional tale and provides a companion analysis connecting the story to our present reality. Entertaining and provoking, this book shows readers how the technology that has promised a lifetime of convenience has also constrained a public's individual options and agency. But all hope is not lost. Neuromined, at its core, demonstrates how technology, when viewed through a different ethos and used by a conscientious public, can instead provide greater autonomy and greater access to liberation.




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Robert continues to connect with incredible individuals throughout his successful career, relentless personal ambition, and passion for learning, helping shape who he is today. He believes that when we approach life’s most challenging questions, we can find the answers but must expand our perspectives, but to do so, we need to develop our perspectives. In continuing his journey of discovery, Robert is inviting thought leaders and experts from around the world to engage in fascinating conversations and wants to share this personal journey with you. Please tune in, become part of the community, and help us all develop new ways of thinking about the world, ourselves, and each other.