Are you wanting a deeper understanding of health that utilizes the interconnection of the world around us?


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Why attend this important health event?

Your host, Dr. Catherine Clinton, has spent over 15 years helping people overcome their health issues. Diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions and Lyme disease while in medical school, she began the long and difficult journey of healing- a path that led to the commitment to help others to not only heal physically, but to return to the relationships we evolved over millennia with for a deeper sense of health and belonging.

By healing herself and patients like her, she discovered that true health comes from our relationships. Our relationship with the dirt beneath our feet, the sun, the wind, the water, the plants, the seasons, each other- that is the real medicine.

Her mission is to empower as many people as she can with this knowledge to encourage the paradigm shift, we so desperately need. She’s here to help you by sharing this wisdom.

At the Quantum Biology Wellness Summit You'll Learn:

  • What the Fourth Phase of Water is, how it affects our health and ways to support it.
  • The quantum biological underpinnings of our mitochondrial function and simple ways to maintain mitochondrial function.
  • The ancient wisdom from which quantum biology rests upon and the latest research that validates it.
  • The importance of circadian medicine and practical tips to enhance it.
  • How sunlight, the weather, the seasons and our thoughts and emotions impact our hormones, gut microbiome, cardiovascular system, mood and immune system.
  • About our biofield of energy and practical biofield hygiene tips to keep us healthy.
  • Effective tools to build resilience and health by connecting with the world around us.
  • The medicine is within us and all around us, learn to access it today!
  • Learn how frequency information impacts our biology and how we can use it for healing. 
  • Learn about the bodywide network of fascia and how to tend to it.
  • Learn about the powerful impacts sound has on our biology and how we can use it to improve our health.
  • Explore the impacts of trauma on our quantum terrain.
  • Learn about the relationship between our lymph and our health.
  • Explore the relationship between heart rate variability, sound, frequency and color.

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Get an Extended Summit Pass
AT EARLY BIRD PRICING OF $67 to receive:

  •  lifetime access to all speaker presentations
  • detailed written notes from all presentations
  • $25 coupon
Register for an Extended Summit Pass (EARLY BIRD PRICING $67)

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Meet Your Host
Dr. Catherine Clinton

Author | Educator

Dr. Catherine Clinton ND is a licensed naturopathic physician with a focus on gut health, autoimmunity and psychoneuroimmunology. A respected author, speaker, pediatric health advocate.

Dr. Catherine is passionate about the connections we have with the world around us and how these connections can regenerate our health and the health of the planet. She sees an urgent need for healing our internal terrain as well as healing the terrain of the world we live in.

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Join world-renowned scientists, doctors and healers as we travel through this new perspective leading back to the ancient wisdom that modern science has overlooked.

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