Quantum Biology for Health - Video 1 of 5

pillars of quantum biology quantum biology May 16, 2024

Introduction to the Pillars of Quantum Biology

This is the first of five posts in my series on the Pillars of Quantum Biology. The Pillars of Quantum Biology include water, light, sound and frequency.

Let's explore my take on quantum biology for health. From light therapies, circadian medicine, sound healing, frequency medicine, and the water within us, there is a world of action at the smallest levels in the body that gives rise to biological action.

What is Quantum Biology?

Let's dive into this one. I explain quantum biology as the exploration or the investigation into how the smallest pieces of our anatomy give rise to biological functions and actions in the body. It is the study of how the flow of electrons and protons within the body gives rise to biological action. Quantum biology looks at how photons of light and phonons from sound interact with particles in the body, with different proteins, receptors and enzymes, and how this produces function throughout the body.  Let's look at some examples of this.

For example, in the mitochondria, we have different chromophores or parts of a protein that can react to signals of light and start to initiate action. On a biological level, the impact of certain frequencies of light start to increase the efficiency of the flow of electrons and the production of ATP, the main energy source in the body. Different types of light send biological signals throughout the body. 

We also see these different light frequencies impacting almost every cell in the body. Almost every cell in our body has a circadian gene. The light in our environment dictates the function of these cells and the organs they reside in.


We know that phonons of sound impact the body in a mechanical way. They induce piezoelectric currents in the nervous system. We know that these flows of electrons and protons and EMF electromagnetic fields produce a predictable and measured outcome in living systems and in our body.

Now, when we're talking about these pillars of quantum biology, light sound, the frequency of electromagnetic fields, of magnetism, of scaler technology, we can see that these all come down to a common denominator. They all come down to this frequency language and how our biology response to different frequencies. Frequencies of light, of sound, of EMF magnetism, and how this influences our overall biological function and action in the body opens up an expanded toolkit for health and healing. 

We know that this idea that we exist solely as chemical mechanical beings and that our body only reacts to chemicals is a much outdated model of the body. We know that our cells are communicating with electromagnetic frequency. We know that these pillars have a profound impact on our health and our biology, and so moving towards this quantum biological perspective, while it doesn't negate this chemical model, it gives us a new set of tools to apply to our health, to apply to our clients and patients' health.

Now, not everyone would agree with me on how I'm defining quantum biology. Some people really want to keep it in the realm of quantum physics and quantum computing and say that the effects that it has on living systems or biological systems are trivial, don't matter or inconsequential. I would beg to differ.

Some people would like to keep quantum biology in the realm of infancy where it's not old enough, not investigated well enough to be applied to such things as human health. Again, I disagree. I think that we have a wealth of information when it comes to mitochondrial health, the frequencies of light and sound, circadian medicine, nutrition, and how all of these things impact our body, not to mention this incredible water body we have within us. Utilizing these pillars of quantum biology for health gives us a profound new perspective and approach to healing.

In the next four posts, I'm going to be diving into what I call the Four Pillars of Quantum Biology: Light, Water, Sound, and Frequency