The Quantum Nature Of Our Biology And How It Affects Our Health

quantum biology Apr 15, 2022

The era of mechanical understanding of our world, our science, and our medicine is over. We've been living under the illusion of materialism for centuries.

The mechanistic framework of our world, of our biology, is insufficient. We cannot account for the over a billion reactions that take place in every one of our cells with our models of diffusion, assembly-line production, or random collision. There is something else at play.

We solely focus on our materialistic form, denigrating our energetic nature. We are both. our material being is driven by the energetic forces of light, sound, and vibration. It's time we acknowledge and tend to these forces.

Quantum Nature 

Water and light dance with energy that moves our electrons. Our biology is built on the energy of electrons. The primordial push and pull of electrons and protons power the physical.

Remember we are matter made from atoms. These atoms are made up of 99% empty space, but empty is the wrong word. Empty of matter yet charged with energy. Our atoms reverberate from the energetic interactions of light and water.

This is the power that draws water up to the tips of giant evergreen trees and through the branches of the tallest vines. This is the same power that drives our biology.

Water holds the gateway to powering life here on earth. The dance between light and water is the driving force of the world around us.

As photons hit the water a dipole battery is created. The photons and infrared energy separate charges in the water creating a battery of potential energy that drives biological action.

Researchers like Gilbert Ling, Leon Shershefsky, Nicolai Fedyakin, Marcel Vogel, and Gerald Pollack have pioneered a new way to look at water. The ability of water to hold an electrical charge from light and infrared energy creates structured water that is much different than regular H2O.

This is how the mycelium networks of mushrooms pull and push water for hundreds of miles, how trees share water and nutrients with young and older trees throughout the forest and how our own biology works.

For too long we've focused on the material aspect of our physiology, led by indoctrination from on high, we've severed our ties with our energetic nature.

It's time to reclaim and reconnect.