What is EZ Water?

ez water Jul 02, 2024

What is EZ Water?

EZ water refers to a newly identified phase of water. It is also called exclusion zone water, structured water, cell bound water and interfacial water. Hypothesized for over a century, scientists have been exploring a different phase of water of liquid water.

Who Identified EZ Water?

This fourth phase of water was first identified by Professor Gerald Pollack and his team from the University of Washington. Investigating the behavior of water against hydrophilic surfaces, Pollack found that the water against the water loving surface behaves differently. He termed it EZ Water or exclusion zone water because the structure of the water pushes out or excludes particles and solutes.

As the EZ Water forms it acts as a template for more sheets of this ordered crystalline water to form. In
Pollack's book, The Fourth Phase of Water, he proposes this ordered water forms a hexagonal lattice structure. As one sheet is formed against a water loving surface it serves as a template for more sheets to build. Professor Pollack discovered that it was infrared energy that stimulated the EZ structured water to grow.

EZ water is negatively charged and as it builds against a water loving surface, it pushes out a positively charged proton. This creates a separation of charge between the negatively charged water and the positively charged proton rich water. Just like the separation of charge in a 9 volt battery, this creates a battery and energy that can be utilized for biological purposes.

EZ Water is formed against the hydrophilic or water loving surfaces within our bodies. Our cells, our mitochondria, our fascia and our tissues are lined with this ordered EZ Water.

It has been associated with healthy cells and its decrease has been seen in unhealthy cells.

EZ Water Formula

While water molecules are made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (with the familiar formula H2O), Gerald Pollack proposes EZ Water has an extra hydrogen atom and an extra oxygen atom. As EZ Water forms the hexagonal lattice structure it pushes out a positively charged hydrogen leaving the structure of H3O2. This explains the different structure and consistency of EZ water and also the positively charged zone of water that forms right outside of the EZ structured water.

What Is The Science of EZ Water

This new phase of water has been a source of study since the early 1900s. Researchers like Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Gilbert Ling and Emilio Del Giudice have put forth the idea that liquid water has two distinct phases. These are referred to as a coherent or excited state and an incoherent and ground state. These researchers state that the flux between the two states of water can give off energy for biological action. This research continues with the work of Professor Roumiana Tzenkova in aquaphotonics and Professor Konstanin Korotkov in Gas Discharge Visualization.


What Are the Benefits of EZ Water

EZ has been associated with better health in plants, animals and humans. A robust zone of EZ structured water lining the outside of a cell and within the cell has been associated with healthy cells while diminished EZ water outside and within the cell has been seen in cancerous cells.


How Do We Build EZ Water?

With sunlight and sauna:

Pollack found that it was infrared light that built the EZ water zone. Infrared light is abundant in sunlight, saunas and can even be built when we move our bodies. Sunlight also has the ability to create free electrons via melanin that can feed the crystalline EZ water.

With Grounding or Earthing:

Building the EZ water battery from coming in contact with the surface of the earth or grounding has been suggested by the work of James Oschman.


How To Get More EZ Water?

  • Stay hydrated with filtered, clean and mineral rich as water is the raw material for EZ Water
  • Consuming fruits and vegetables as they are rich in this ordered EZ water 
  • Get safe sun exposure as it helps build EZ Water
  • Herbal teas can be rich EZ water 
  • Infrared sauna


Water is the matrix of life capturing energy from the world to power life here on earth. The implications of EZ water in living systems is vast.


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