What is the Quantum Biology of Water - Video 3 of 5

pillars of quantum biology water May 31, 2024

 What is the Quantum Biology of Water?

This is the third of five videos in my series on the Pillars of Quantum Biology.  The Pillars of Quantum Biology include water, light, sound and frequency.

There are many incredible researchers that have hypothesized theorized about this unique form of water in biological systems. Albert Szent-Gyorgy was an incredible researcher, a Nobel Prize winner, who first proposed the quantum tunneling of electrons and enzymes. He also helped contribute to this idea of quantum action in water.

The idea that there is a coherent state of water and an incoherent state of water, a ground state of water, and an excited state of water, and the flux between those two states can give off energy for biological action.

Now, Gilbert Ling is another researcher. Emil Del and ADA have done amazing research describing this phenomenon of different states of water, energetic states in water that can give rise to communication in the body as well as energy to actually perform biological action.

Preta also talks about how these coherent states of water, these excited states of water, can actually attract molecules and reactants in the body, and when they give off energy for that biological action to happen, going down to a ground state or an incoherent state, it gives rise to that biological action. It helps initiate that biological action as well as attract those molecules that are necessary for that, let's say enzymatic reaction.

It was Professor Gerald Pollock who first identified a new phase of water under a microscope, and he termed it the exclusion zone water because it had a different structure. It was more gel-like. It was more viscous, and as it formed against hydrophilic surfaces, water loving surfaces that don't repel water away, they allow water to come right up to the surface. As they do, especially in the presence of infrared energy, they take on a different structure.

That structure, like I said, is more viscous. It's more gel-like, and it actually excludes particles. And as that structured water or as Dr. Pollock termed it,  EZ water as it starts to form, it pushes out a positively charged proton or hydrogen and creates this proton rich zone. And so what you have against this hydrophilic surface is a negatively charged new phase of water, different structure of water that is building and creating a positively charged zone in the water.

Professor Pollock did an experiment where he placed an electrode in that negatively charged structured water and one in that positively charged, proton rich zone, and that separation of charge, just like the separation of charge in a nine volt battery, was enough to create energy. It was actually enough to light an LED light bulb in the laboratory.

Now, there are many out there that theorize that if this structured water is happening in our body and creating that separation of charge, then this can help explain some of the research out there showing the difference in this structured water zone on healthy cells and cancerous cells.

The cancerous cells are showing a much smaller structured water zone on the outside of cells and on the inside of cells, a much higher percentage of bulk water or what we call regular H2O, not this structured, organized crystalline like water.

Now, there's much to be discovered here. What is the actual molecular structure? Is it Pentagon? Is it hexagonal? Is it H 3 0 2? There's so much to investigate here, but we know that it's a different structure. We know that it has different properties. We know that it builds against hydrophilic surfaces like our cell membranes, like the fascial tubules in our fascia that connect to every single structure in the body, know that there's a potential for a vast water battery within us and applying those principles to our everyday practice or for our practice with clients and patients. The downside of that is really low because what are we talking about as far as what we would do to support this water battery of structured, crystalline ordered water lining ourselves, lining our fascia. We're talking about increase our infrared energy. We're talking about movement, we're talking about sunlight, safe sunlight.

Now, there's a lot more to this, and this doesn't even bring us to the conversation of hydration and how hydration is absolutely critical for health. Our cells are bathed in water and it is absolutely vital  that we are tending to our intercellular and extracellular hydration. That tissue stiffness, the stiffness of a cell, and its ability to pick up on the vibrational communication in the body, pick up on that electromagnetic frequency. Communication is absolutely vital.

Water is an incredible substance all the way from how it allows for proper protein folding and function to how it serves as a reflective mirror picking up on the frequencies in our environment. 

So while some might argue that this research is still in its infancy, I would argue that our epidemic of chronic disease is at a state where addressing hydration and interventions that speak to this theory of structured water and the structured water battery within us only are leading to overall health to begin with.

Thank you so much for joining me.

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